Pixel 5 teardown shows how a metal phone supports wireless charging

Want to know how Google Pixel 5 support wireless charging despite predominantly metal body? Google explained the essence of how it works, but a video tear down at PBK Notice (via 9to5Google) has completely eliminated the mystery. There’s a large cutout in the middle of the aluminum shell that allows the wireless charging coil to do its wonders – the bio-resin plastic you see on the outside just gives the illusion of an unbroken surface.

The design is more familiar beyond, with a few twists. Google has stored 5G millimeter wave antennas near the volume rocker and the top edge, and clips keep the screen firmly attached to prevent repeat problems with some. Pixel 4 units. There may still be room for improvement, however. I fix it Noted that Google uses a motherboard similar to the Pixel 4, which limits the amount of space for a larger battery and other components.

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