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WASHINGTON: With the conviction of uniting a workforce comprising employees from various backgrounds, National Administration of Space and Aeronautics, (NASA) has already given a number of prolific scientists to the world; and the month of May was dedicated to celebrating the contributions of these extraordinary employees in NASA.
In May, to celebrate the contributions of its Asia-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) employees – past and present, the United States Aviation Organization hosted a variety of internal and external events and products centered around the theme : “ Advancing leaders through One service objectives’.
NASA Administrator Senator Bill Nelson said, “Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders make valuable contributions to all aspects of our society, including the missions and successes of the NASA. This year’s AAPI Heritage Month brings heightened awareness and significance, given the recent violence directed against Asian Americans. ”
He further added that the Biden-Harris administration and NASA are committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion, in which all employees are welcomed, respected, connected and engaged.
“President Biden has set the tone, choosing Vice President Harris as Vice President, appointing the most diverse cabinet in our country’s history and appointing Margaret Vo Schaus, who, if confirmed, will become NASA’s next CFO. ensuring that the president’s vision is realized at NASA and beyond, ”he said.
As part of the celebration of this month, the NASA Headquarters AAPI Employee Resource Group produced a video featuring the many voices of the AAPI community across the agency and shared it on their official YouTube handle.
In addition to internal events that celebrate the people and cultures of AAPI, external events throughout the month will showcase the stories and talents of AAPI members of the NASA workforce.
Dr Kartik Sheth, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Astrophysicist in the Astrophysics Division at NASA Headquarters shared his story and discussed how to become an astrophysicist during a recent episode of NASA STEM Stars.
Monday, May 10, 2 p.m. EDT, NASA Television will broadcast “AAPI Voices Rising”. The event will feature Kei Koizumi, Acting Director of the White House Office for Science and Technology Policy, Bhavya Lal, Acting NASA Chief of Staff, and Mimi Aung.
Panelists will share the story of their life journey as an Asian American and / or Pacific Islander in America. In addition to NASA Television, the event will be broadcast on the NASA app and the agency’s website.
A number of digital products and social media posts are also available or planned throughout the month to highlight the accomplishments of some of the many people who make up the rich and diverse tapestry of NASA’s AAPI community, including including the video ‘With Much Ingenuity, We fly together’.
In the video, JPLMiMi Aung of MiMi Aung shares her experience and hopes for the younger generation, as well as the Faces of NASA gallery and a Google Arts & Culture profile of Ellison Onizuka, the first Asian American astronaut. There will also be a special video tribute featuring astronauts Kjell Lindgren, Sunita Williams, Jonny Kim and Raja Chari which will appear later this month on NASA’s YouTube channel.

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