17 Very British Tweets About The Very British Queue To See The Very British Queen’s Coffin

“I think it’s quite a mark of respect, the number of people who are committed to being patient and standing in line,” a volunteer queue manager told BuzzFeed News of the queue. massive wait. “Even if it rained, I think they would still be there.”

Kate Fryer, a National Health Service worker who traveled from Kent, braved the queue for five hours on her own and with a bad hip.

The 44-year-old, who was supported by a cane, praised organizers for making the grueling process as accessible as possible for people with reduced mobility.

“They’ve been so good. It’s been so well organized,” she told BuzzFeed News.

When they reach the end of the line, mourners enter the solemn scene of Westminster Hall, where the Queen’s coffin is laid out, surrounded by ceremonial guards with a glittering crown resting on top.

A BBC live stream shows those queuing in silence stopping next to the coffin. Some bow, some cry, but all feel a sense of history that seems hard to describe for those online.

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